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Island of Eden Farms

Providing the Comox Valley with fully organic GMO free sustainably farmed fresh vegetables and herbs available year round to our CSA members, farmers markets and locally owned organic/ market grocery stores. Their goal is to produce healthier fresh choices for local customers.

Our Story

Meet The Lepine Clan

Meet the Lepines! Alain and Chrissy Lepine have 5 beautiful boys ages 7,6,4,3,1. Meet Isaiah, Elijah, Ezekiel, Zachariah and sweet baby Malachi and of course their loved pup, Honey. These boys are a big part of this business of growing and harvesting veggies and herbs and cannot wait to learn right along side dad as local farmers. These boys are world changers!

How this hydroponics farm dream started….

Two years ago, Alain experienced a life changing work accident where he was involved in an explosion and since then has huge limitations required from his injuries. It turned our life upside down. He started to have a longing to garden and started backyard homesteading as part of his recovery. He soon realized that he couldn't do conventional gardening and this led him to start looking for alternative ways of growing food. He soon found aquaponics and with his love for fish and growing veggies he decided to go ahead and build a few systems in his yard and garage. Soon after starting his first ever aquaponics and then hydroponics systems, he was able to produce fresh produce year round for his family and well what can we say….its now turned from a hobby into a passion and a love that he wants to share with his community. After two years of learning and growing he has come to the point where he has out grown the yard and garage and now feels confident in starting his own Hydroponics farm. “Island of Eden Farms” is a family owned business with a passion to provide our local community with fresh organic veggies! We want to increase food security for the Comox Valley by running a personal delivery program. We can help you take care of all your fresh local greens and herbs needs 365 days a year. AND we are so excited and cannot wait to get started!

"You are what you eat."

The beauty of hydroponics farming is that with all conventional farms you are limited by your elements making farming a gamble. BUT With our hydroponics system, we will be able to grow in a controlled environment being able to give our plants exactly what they need when they need it. Not being bound by the weather we are able to grow year round systematically allowing us to be able to scale to what our community demands are. This is SUCH an exciting time! And we feel so blessed and thankful to be able to serve our community with local, fresh, pesticide free produce year round! Watch out for us and please join us at “Island of Eden Farms.”

Allain Lepine

Founder & CEO

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