Well you're in luck.

“IF ONLY we could have fresh produce year round” has been a dream of ours for years as we strive to feed our growing family in a healthy and inexpensive way,….well with this hydroponics growing system, YOU CAN!!! This means, fresh as fresh can be not old imported produce that soils in your fridge within days. Alain and Chrissy Lepine along with their 5 beautiful boys are on a mission to develop a hydroponics growing farm right here in the Comox Valley!! This hydroponics system secures local fresh produce year round. That’s right!! Fresh, organic, pesticide free bok-choy, lettuce, mustard greens, kale, herbs, micro-greens and more..

By signing up for the CSA program we are not only providing our community with the ability to choose local over imported products throughout the year, but we're also saving you the trouble of having to search for the most fresh produce in the grocery store. You will also see us at the Comox valley and Cumberland farmers markets…watch out for us!! “Island of Eden Farms!!”


How it works…..

We are excited to introduce the LEAFY GREEN MACHINE! This beautiful shipping container is where all the magic happens. This baby allows us to grow 2 acres worth of produce in this one space with vertical growing towers! The produce is organically grown, no need for any sprays or pesticides and not limited by the weather as it is a fully controlled environment with everything needed from proper temperatures, to ventilation to nutrients needed for organic beautiful fresh veggies!



  1. You sign up with no commitments and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  1. We put together a selection of fresh local greens and herbs for you every week (or every other week if you prefer)


  1. We deliver it to one of our central pick up locations (choose the one that's most convenient for you)   We are offering Two pick up locations and Days .  #1 pickup Day is at our Courtenay Location Tuesday 3:00pm-6;00pm (2870b Piercy Ave Courtenay)  #2 pickup point is at the Farm Thursday between 3;00pm- 6:00pm (823 Knight Road Comox)


  1. You pick it up the day its delivered whenever it's convenient for you (within the hours of operation of the pick up location).


We've set aside a portion of the Farm to grow food just for our limited number of veggie box customers and every week we harvest and deliver to the pick up spots. This way you are getting produce that is as fresh as it can possibly be and you get the highest quality products on the market and you are supporting LOCAL farmers!

What We Grow Produce list - Bok Choi, Basil, Arugula, Cilantro, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Lettuce (full and mini head, lettuce mix, specialty greens mixes), Chives, Dill, Parsley, Mustard Greens, Endive, Dandelion greens, Escarole, Mint, Edible Flowers Nasturtium, Radish, Micro greens and Sprouts

Your Farmer will select from this list and build your CSA Box each week

* CSA Time frame, So how this works is when you decide what option or options you would like to take you sign up via email (more details at the bottom of this page) once received we will process your order after we have processed your order we will send you a message letting you know the Week your CSA Box will Start (This Takes about a Week. so if you order on a Monday the following week your CSA Start) The CSA Program We will be offering is in 8 week (2 months) blocks.


Shoots Packets-  100g - $8 / week ($64 share )

(Pea Shoots , Sunflower Shoots, Broccoli micro-greens, Mild Micro Mix , process Micro Mix, and Rainbow Chard options may vary due to seed availability) put them in your Salads , Sandwiches on top of eggs use them to garnish your meals. These little puppies are power packed with nutrition up to 40x more then their fully grown forms. Add a pop of Spicy to your next meal


Salad and Micro Mix  - Half pound 227g - $10 /week ($80 share)

  • This mix is a variety of Salad greens, Kale, Mustard greens and Arugula with a toss of Micro Greens (sunflower Shoots, Pea shoots, Or our mixed Micro packs mild or spicy)


Lettuce only Share $10 per week  ($80 share)

The Lettuce only share consists of a:

  • (227 g) half a pound of Farmer’s Choice assorted salad mix and living head lettuce with a variety of flavour and textures for vibrant tasty salads. “Living head” lettuce means that it comes with the ROOTS so it is still alive and if you add water and pop it in a bowl it will remain fresh and alive until salad time!


Full Share  $22/week .  ($176 Share)

The Full share consists of:

  • Farmer selected assortment of mixed green and head lettuce
  • a large bunch of herbs 2oz worth (flat leaf parsley will be the main herb we grow starting off)
  • 1/4 pound of kale

Lets get this started!! To get started, please email the address below with your name your contact information (phone number ,email address) and your desired choice of CSA share. As well as any comments and feedback you may have for us. Along with your contact information we will require payment by Credit, Cash or E-Transfer payment for your Order Once processed we will contact you and your CSA will start the following Week.


Credit Card Payments are NOW Accepted Using Square point of Sales 🙂

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