CSA 2018 Now Open to New Members


What is Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Shared Agriculture is an approach to growing and purchasing food in which the farmer and consumer are working cooperatively. The farmer grows food for a predetermined group of customers. The customer enters into an agreement of purchase with the farmer prior to the start of the season. The farmer gains a guaranteed market; the consumer gains high quality food as it becomes available.Deluxe Variety Package cropped black background

CSA members have the satisfaction of knowing where their food comes from and the farmer who grows it. The farmer receives up-front cash from member payments that can eliminate the need to borrow spring start-up capital.

Farmers also benefit by developing a long-term community interest in the viability of their farm. Reconnecting people with the land and the farmers that support them is an important part of Community Shared Agriculture. Island of Eden Farms has adapted the CSA model to fit our heritage meat production.

Next Round of CSA begins end of January, 2018
Limited Shares are Available Amount of Shares To be Determined (see pricing details)

Full share members will receive:

  • half a pig (about 90 lbs hanging weight*)
  • 60 lbs beef
  • ten whole chickens (about 5 lbs each)

Half share members will receive:

  • quarter pig (about 45 lbs hanging weight*)
  • 30 lbs beef
  • five whole chickens (about 5 lbs each)

* Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after slaughter but before cutting – expect up to 15% loss due to trimming.

The pigs, cattle and chickens are raised outdoors on pasture. Any additional feed is sourced locally and contains no GMOs, medications, growth hormones or steroids. All animals are treated with respect and allowed to exercise their natural tendencies. Go to Our Breeds for more information about our animals and how they are raised.

How it Works

A whole pig is divided among 2 full share holders or 4 half share holders, so you get something from every part of the pig. There are many ways to cut the pork. You may request specific cuts (e.g. you may want a boneless loin roast and back ribs instead of bone-in chops). You may wish to upgrade some cuts to cured and smoked products. You may also specify the size of the packages (e.g. 2 lb roasts vs. 4 lb roasts). More information about cutting options

For the beef, I ask the butcher to maximize the variety of cuts. So you will get various types of roasts and steaks, brisket, short ribs, stew beef, ground (soup bones and liver may be included for free). Much like the pig, I divide a whole steer among a number of customers so everyone gets an equal share of the full variety of cuts.

Chickens are whole and fresh. They range in weight from 3 lbs to 6 lbs and you may specify the sizes you prefer. The price is $6/lb and you will be charged according to weight. They are available in mid summer, late summer and fall. You may choose to get them all at once, or stagger them over two or more pick-up dates.

Over the membership period, delivery of meat will be spaced out so that members will receive their pork at one time, their beef at another time and their chickens at another time. There is flexibility. You may specify when you would like your meat. Meat will be brought to Island of Eden Farms (Knight Road Comox, B.C ) for you to pick up. Home delivery may be available.

Acknowledgement of Shared Risk 

It is the nature of a CSA to share the risk between the farm and its members. Potential for risk is quite small in this project, since weather and insects are not major factors. However, there is the slim possibility that we might encounter factors beyond our control, for example, a disease causing high mortality or a barn fire. You may receive a pig or chicken that is not as heavy as estimated, but on the other hand, you may receive a heavier animal.

To reserve your CSA share for 2018, see the Agreement to Purchase  and send the requested information and deposit as instructed.